About Jessie’s Trip to Germany

Jessie arrived in Germany on 8 February 2018 at The Galileo Primary School and had the opportunity to explore Germany for one whole month. She had the opportunity to get to know  German culture especially the traditional wear called dirndl and had the pleasure of wearing one.  During her time here she stayed at different German families where she got to know what Germans do to stay healthy.  She tried different snacks and drank lots of milk and water and also did lots of exercise. She also had the chance to go on school excursions with her new German friends and visited places like German churches as well as the fire departments. We really loved spending time with Jessie and will never forget this wonderful experience with her. We wish her all the best and she embarks on a new adventure and wish her lots of fun and a new experience in Russia.



Jessie’s Wearing Dirndl (German Costume)